It is common for blog sites to have a central theme, whatever that might be. However, our blog site thirdcat.net is unique. For us, any blog on any subject is fit for publication and hence contributors have a wide choice the extent of which is rarely found in other blog sites. Any news, information and even trivia are acceptable, the only condition being that it should capture the attention of our readers.

What do we focus on? The starting point is naturally current news and happenings around the globe that might not necessarily be earth shaking in nature but should be definitely interesting. This can be sports, political affairs, fashion trends and business news.

A few examples we feel will help potential bloggers to our sites.

While news per se can be got from the print media and television coverage, what we are looking for is in-depth analysis from multiple view points of the same news. This will enable our readers to get something more out of trending news. For instance, Britain exiting the European Union has been splashed across newspapers worldwide. That is common knowledge. What we are looking for is a view of international ramifications of this act and what it holds for Europe in the future.

Or take business news. The value of international currencies can be got from the Internet but what are the reasons behind their volatility is what will be of interest to our readers. Bloggers writing on say football need not confine themselves to the scores or the results of an important match. Instead the effect of recruiting highly paid players by some teams will capture the attention of the readers more.

Those writing in to our blog site need not confine themselves to international news and information only. Blogs on local happenings in your community will be equally important for us. In fact it is little known facts around the world and going-on in far flung countries that will be of special interest to us.

Our aim is to arouse the curiosity of the general visitors to our site of the events around them in this world. Only if you the blogger send your blogs to us on a continuous basis can we make this happen.