Enhancing Home Decor with LED Lights

LED Lights

Modern home lighting is all about LED lights for a number of reasons. The first and most important is its cost savings. Energy guzzling fluorescent strips and incandescent lamps are on their way out and should be replaced if you want to cut down on electricity bills. Secondly, LED lights are available for various tasks, from the purely functional to the decorative, both for indoors and outdoors. With so many inherent advantages, LED lights are slowly capturing market share in lighting and is now at the forefront in both residential as well as commercial scenarios.

How can you enhance home decor with LED lights?

One of the primary steps that you should take is to buy complete LED fittings along with the bulb. Fixing a modern LED in an Edison era incandescent bulb socket does not improve internal decor. Instead, along with the light, change the fitting too. These are available in very stylish designs and can be a perfect match for your aesthetically decorated home. Such light-cum-fitting are not cheap but then it says a lot for your impeccable taste once they are installed.

While evaluating ways and means to improve your home lighting with LEDs, it will be preferable to take internal and outdoor areas separately as LEDs cater to a lot of possibilities in each one.

  • Outdoor LED lighting – If you have a beautiful and well laid out garden there are many options in LED festoon lighting for home. Bulb type lights, globe lights and small twinklers are some of the choices before you. These come in sets of 20 LED globe lights and many more for small ones. You can string them up outside your home from tree to tree or simply against the exterior walls. Ideal for outdoor parties or simply to light up the evening every day, these are available with remote control and dimmers for easy operations and to get the exact brightness you want. For festive occasions, you can even go for coloured star lights and specialised tree lighting. Though the latter is available in DIY packs, it is recommended that you call in the experts to dress up your trees with lights.

LED landscape lighting for your garden can be very pleasing to the eye. They have a fixed solar panel and small storage battery and can be easily fixed anywhere outdoors since electric connections are not required. These give off a soft warm glow to a small circle around it and are more for decorative purposes than general lighting.

Outdoor security LED lights while not decorative in nature are bright and will bathe your home and its surroundings in a dazzling white glow. Available in spot and floor lights models.

  • Indoor LED lighting – So wide ranging are the options for you in this area that you will surely be spoilt for choice. Start with recessed LED lighting kits that can be installed flush with the ceiling. No protruding bulbs or fluorescent strips for you! Under cabinet LED lights both in strips and coiled form gives off a soft glow in a limited area. These add to the internal decor as well as being highly functional too.

Pendant lighting can be liberally used throughout your home and contributes a lot to improving internal aesthetics. These are usually attached to the ceiling with a single wire strand and are available in many different shapes and colours. Choose one that blends in well with the internal decor of the room.

Stand-alone fixtures with LED lights that illuminate one specific area can be a great choice if you want to highlight a fixed area with your favourite object such as a work of art. You can also use this fitting for lighting up your work area and study table.

The possibilities with LED lights to improve the decor of your home are truly limitless, apart from the extra benefit of savings on energy costs.