Insurance Career Options you could Choose

With increased threat perception the world over today from various quarters, there has been an exponential growth in insurance business. People are taking higher covers and looking to buy policies that are paying in the long run, not simply as a buffer against future risks but as a hedge against inflation too when payouts including bonuses are made after a policy has run its full term. The rise in business has also given a need for trained and qualified workforce in the insurance industry. However, if you are planning to make a career in insurance there are certain specific branches that you can choose from in accordance with your knack for specific work.

To get comprehensive details it is advisable that you contact an agency for labour hire in Melbourne or one nearest to your location and apply with your resume. You will be called for an interview with one of the business consultants who would have great knowledge of the insurance industry and would thus be qualified to guide you on career opportunities in this sector. One of the leaders in this field whom you can write to or call is First Personnel based in Melbourne.

Here are 4 of them that you can consider seriously as an insurance career option.

  • Sales – You will start at the bottom of the insurance structure but with hard work and commitment you can work up the ladder in no time. Go out of your way to achieve sales targets and make your customers’ happy with personalised services. Diarise the due dates of all policies sold by you and have them renewed promptly on due dates by contacting customers beforehand. Upgrade your knowledge of new products through in-depth studies and attending seminars and conferences. Move slowly into being a team lead of brokers and agents and most importantly specialise in a branch of insurance – life, environment, marine or aviation for example.
  • Claims – This is a very crucial arm of insurance, one that needs to be handled carefully and accurately. You will probably start as a Field or Telephone adjuster and slowly climb up. Adjusters are required to inform all the details of the claim with exactness to claimants and ensure that the claims are processed promptly to enable the claimants to move on with their lives. However, the real heroes of the insurance industry are the adjusters who can detect fraudulent claims. Many insurers pay huge sums initially and then make false claims which can heavily set back insurance companies. You can become a team lead or even an independent Adjuster representing different insurance companies.
  • Underwriting – You will be starting as a Junior Underwriter or an Underwriting Assistant. You will be working with both the brokers and the insurance companies so you would need to keep both happy. You will be required tom determine if a company will be insuring a broker’s client and if so, at what rate, premium and exclusions. If you can structure an optimised policy with required benefits, the customer will be satisfied and so will the insurance company as you will be insulating it from unwarranted risks. You can be sure that you will be highly rewarded for your efforts.

These are just three of the many career options that you can choose from in the insurance sector.